Multi-grade Classrooms

The WELS private school system (i.e. parochial,or church operated schools) is the fourth largest private school system in America, operating more than 350 schools nationwide. We have been blessed with experience: WELS congregations have operated elementary schools for over 150 years. In addition, the WELS has developed and maintains a strong support system for WELS schools and teachers. Since our teachers may be called to serve in a wide variety of settings, from large schools in the city to small schools operated by a rural congregation, WELS teachers are graduated uniquely equipped to teach in multi-grade classrooms. We are humbly proud in our Savior Jesus to be able to offer a great education in multi-grade classrooms. Please watch these videos and feel free to speak to our staff about any questions you may have about our school. We have also produced a brochure with more information on the benefits of our multi-grade classrooms.