Pastor Mueller

Pastor Timothy Peter Mueller is one of six children born to Rev. Richard and Irene Mueller. He was the first of the children to be born in Africa where he lived for twelve years while his parents were missionaries in Lusaka, Zambia and Malawi. After Pastor Mueller attended Northwestern Prep and College, he married Susan (Brandt), a classmate and native of Watertown and whose parents still reside here.

Pastor Mueller and Sue have five children. Their children are: Jennifer, married to Kevin Poston, who have five children, Timothy Jr., married to Megan (Paggi), who have four children, Christopher, married to Rebecca (Faugstadt), who have five children, Julia, married to Tom Pasch, who have four children and Matthew, married to Holly (Weiss), who have four children.

For many years during college and seminary, Pastor Mueller worked as a McDonald’s manager. After his graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1984, Pastor Mueller served as Pastor at Grace Lutheran in Waupun, WI (15 years), Associate Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran in Medford, WI (5 years) and the full-time Pastor/Director of our WELS Watertown Recreation & Outreach Center (THE ROC) for Youth in Watertown WI (16 years). Pastor Mueller is looking forward to being the Associate Pastor of St. John’s.

When he has opportunity, Pastor Mueller loves to get together with family. He also enjoys swimming, walking, fishing, hunting and woodworking. His wife Sue also loves being with her family and helping out with the grandchildren. She enjoys crafting, creating family heirlooms, walking, cooking, reading and gardening.

Pastor Mueller and Sue are looking forward to getting to know the members of St. John’s as they feel strongly that we are all one family under Christ.