The ROC Youth Center Shares the Reason for the Season

This great Christmas Video was done by Janine Petrie, a volunteer at THE ROC YOUTH CENTER, and a member of Hope Lutheran Church in Oconomowoc, WI. The music and singing in the background is by Michael Schroeder.

The purpose of the video is to emphasize Christ IS Christmas. Listen closely to the words of the song as they speak of how Christmas is, for some, just stuff like lights, santa, presents, etc. and has become very commercialized. The slides will show this side of Christmas as ROC Youth Center teens are pictured in front of homes with everything but Christ. The slideshow then changes to scenes showing Christ in Christmas especially scenes of the nativity with Mary, Joseph, Jesus, shepherds, etc.

ALL the nativity scenes (last one is at Janine’s home) were found in and around Watertown, WI. ROC Youth Center teens are pictured making a nativity scene and the Live Nativity shown was held at St. Luke's BY St. John's, St. Luke's, St. Mark's and Trinity Lutheran Churches. ROC teens, whom the ROC transported to the Live Nativity, loved it and are also pictured.

Keep in mind that over 75% of the ROC teens did not know or believe in Christ when they first came to the ROC.