Online Worship

St. John's streams worship services live on our Facebook page. Worship videos can also be viewed afterwards from our Worship Video Archive.

Audio for St. John's worship services are streamed live over the internet.

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In addition to our regular worship services posted in the left menu, we also hold a number of special worship services - Annual Special Worship Calendar.

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St. John's also maintains an archive of past recorded services. You can listen to the available recordings from past worship services below. Please note, archived recordings are started 5 minutes before each service and run 5 minutes after.

Saturday, April 4th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, April 1st, 3:30pm
Saturday, March 28th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, March 25th, 3:30pm
Saturday, March 21st, 6:00pm
Saturday, March 21st, 11:00am
Wednesday, March 18th, 3:30pm
Sunday, March 15th, 10:30am
Sunday, March 15th, 7:45am
Saturday, March 14th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, March 11th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, March 11th, 3:30pm
Sunday, March 8th, 10:30am
Sunday, March 8th, 7:45am
Saturday, March 7th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, March 4th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, March 4th, 3:30pm
Sunday, March 1st, 10:30am
Sunday, March 1st, 7:45am
Saturday, February 29th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, February 26th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, February 26th, 3:30pm
Sunday, February 23rd, 10:30am
Sunday, February 23rd, 7:45am
Saturday, February 22nd, 6:00pm
Sunday, February 16th, 10:30am
Sunday, February 16th, 7:45am
Saturday, February 15th, 6:00pm
Sunday, February 9th, 10:30am
Sunday, February 9th, 7:45am
Saturday, February 8th, 6:00pm
Sunday, February 2nd, 10:30am
Sunday, February 2nd, 7:45am
Saturday, February 1st, 6:00pm
Sunday, January 26th, 10:30am
Sunday, January 26th, 7:45am
Saturday, January 25th, 6:00pm
Sunday, January 19th, 10:30am
Sunday, January 19th, 7:45am
Saturday, January 18th, 6:00pm
Sunday, January 12th, 10:30am
Sunday, January 12th, 7:45am
Saturday, January 11th, 6:00pm
Sunday, January 5th, 10:30am
Sunday, January 5th, 7:45am
Saturday, January 4th, 6:00pm
Tuesday, December 31st, 6:00pm
Sunday, December 29th, 10:30am
Sunday, December 29th, 7:45am
Saturday, December 28th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, December 25th, 9:00am
Tuesday, December 24th, 6:00pm
Sunday, December 22nd, 10:30am
Sunday, December 22nd, 7:45am
Saturday, December 21st, 6:00pm
Friday, December 20th, 6:00pm
Friday, December 20th, 9:00am
Wednesday, December 18th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, December 18th, 3:30pm
Sunday, December 15th, 10:30am
Sunday, December 15th, 7:45am
Saturday, December 14th, 6:00pm
Friday, December 13th, 9:00am
Wednesday, December 11th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, December 11th, 3:30pm
Sunday, December 8th, 10:30am
Sunday, December 8th, 7:45am
Saturday, December 7th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, December 4th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, December 4th, 3:30pm
Sunday, December 1st, 10:30am
Sunday, December 1st, 7:45am
Saturday, November 30th, 6:00pm
Thursday, November 28th, 9:00am
Wednesday, November 27th, 7:00pm
Sunday, November 24th, 10:30am
Sunday, November 24th, 7:45am
Saturday, November 23rd, 6:00pm
Sunday, November 17th, 10:30am
Sunday, November 17th, 7:45am
Saturday, November 16th, 6:00pm
Sunday, November 10th, 10:30am
Sunday, November 10th, 7:45am
Saturday, November 9th, 6:00pm
Sunday, November 3rd, 10:30am
Sunday, November 3rd, 7:45am
Saturday, November 2nd, 6:00pm
Sunday, October 27th, 10:30am
Sunday, October 27th, 7:45am
Saturday, October 26th, 6:00pm
Sunday, October 20th, 10:30am
Sunday, October 20th, 7:45am
Saturday, October 19th, 6:00pm
Sunday, October 13th, 10:30am
Sunday, October 13th, 7:45am
Saturday, October 12th, 6:00pm
Sunday, October 6th, 10:30am
Sunday, October 6th, 7:45am
Saturday, October 5th, 6:00pm
Sunday, September 29th, 10:30am
Sunday, September 29th, 7:45am
Saturday, September 28th, 6:00pm
Sunday, September 22nd, 10:30am
Sunday, September 22nd, 7:45am
Saturday, September 21st, 6:00pm
Sunday, September 15th, 10:30am
Sunday, September 15th, 7:45am
Saturday, September 14th, 6:00pm
Sunday, September 8th, 10:30am
Sunday, September 8th, 7:45am
Saturday, September 7th, 6:00pm
Sunday, September 1st, 7:45am
Saturday, August 31st, 6:00pm
Sunday, August 25th, 9:30am
Sunday, August 25th, 7:45am
Saturday, August 24th, 6:00pm
Sunday, August 18th, 9:30am
Sunday, August 18th, 7:45am
Saturday, August 17th, 6:00pm
Sunday, August 11th, 9:30am
Sunday, August 11th, 7:45am
Saturday, August 10th, 6:00pm
Sunday, August 4th, 9:30am
Sunday, August 4th, 7:45am
Saturday, August 3rd, 6:00pm
Sunday, July 28th, 9:30am
Sunday, July 28th, 7:45am
Saturday, July 27th, 6:00pm
Sunday, July 21st, 9:30am
Sunday, July 21st, 7:45am
Saturday, July 20th, 6:00pm
Sunday, July 14th, 9:30am
Sunday, July 14th, 7:45am
Saturday, July 13th, 6:00pm
Sunday, July 7th, 9:30am
Sunday, July 7th, 7:45am
Saturday, July 6th, 6:00pm
Sunday, June 30th, 9:30am
Sunday, June 30th, 7:45am
Saturday, June 29th, 6:00pm
Sunday, June 23rd, 9:30am
Sunday, June 23rd, 7:45am
Saturday, June 22nd, 6:00pm
Sunday, June 16th, 9:30am
Sunday, June 16th, 7:45am
Saturday, June 15th, 6:00pm
Sunday, June 9th, 9:30am
Sunday, June 9th, 7:45am
Saturday, June 8th, 6:00pm
Sunday, June 2nd, 4:00pm
Sunday, June 2nd, 9:30am
Sunday, June 2nd, 7:45am
Saturday, June 1st, 6:00pm
Thursday, May 30th, 6:30pm
Sunday, May 26th, 9:30am
Sunday, May 26th, 7:45am
Saturday, May 25th, 6:00pm
Sunday, May 19th, 10:30am
Sunday, May 19th, 7:45am
Saturday, May 18th, 6:00pm
Sunday, May 12th, 10:30am
Sunday, May 12th, 7:45am
Saturday, May 11th, 6:00pm
Sunday, April 21st, 9:00am
Sunday, April 21st, 7:00am
Friday, April 19th, 12:00pm
Thursday, April 18th, 7:00pm
Sunday, April 14th, 10:30am
Sunday, April 14th, 7:45am
Saturday, April 13th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, April 10th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, April 10th, 3:30pm
Sunday, April 7th, 10:30am
Sunday, April 7th, 7:45am
Saturday, April 6th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, April 3rd, 7:00pm
Wednesday, April 3rd, 3:30pm
Sunday, March 31st, 10:30am
Sunday, March 31st, 7:45am
Saturday, March 30th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, March 27th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, March 27th, 3:30pm
Sunday, March 24th, 10:30am
Sunday, March 24th, 7:45am
Saturday, March 23rd, 6:00pm
Wednesday, March 20th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, March 20th, 3:30pm
Sunday, March 17th, 10:30am
Sunday, March 17th, 7:45am
Saturday, March 16th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, March 13th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, March 13th, 3:30pm
Sunday, March 10th, 10:30am
Sunday, March 10th, 7:45am
Saturday, March 9th, 6:00pm
Wednesday, March 6th, 7:00pm
Wednesday, March 6th, 3:30pm
Sunday, March 3rd, 10:30am
Sunday, March 3rd, 7:45am
Saturday, March 2nd, 6:00pm
Sunday, February 24th, 10:30am
Sunday, February 24th, 7:45am
Saturday, February 23rd, 6:00pm
Sunday, February 17th, 10:30am
Sunday, February 17th, 7:45am
Saturday, February 16th, 6:00pm
Sunday, February 10th, 10:30am
Sunday, February 10th, 7:45am
Saturday, February 9th, 6:00pm
Sunday, February 3rd, 10:30am
Sunday, February 3rd, 7:45am
Saturday, February 2nd, 6:00pm
Sunday, January 27th, 10:30am
Sunday, January 27th, 7:45am
Saturday, January 26th, 6:00pm
Sunday, January 20th, 10:30am
Sunday, January 20th, 7:45am
Saturday, January 19th, 6:00pm
Sunday, January 13th, 10:30am
Sunday, January 13th, 7:45am
Saturday, January 12th, 6:00pm
Sunday, January 6th, 10:30am
Sunday, January 6th, 7:45am
Saturday, January 5th, 6:00pm