Worship Presentation Assistants

St. John's worship services are enhanced with worship presentations projected onto two large screens. These presentations include the liturgy, hymns, Bible readings, sermon topics, announcements and multimedia displays. They help visitors feel welcome by making it easy to follow along and participate in worship. These presentations also help families with young children and anyone who doesn't want to hold a hymnal throughout the service.

These worship presentations would not be possible without a dedicated group of volunteers to run them. These Worship Presentation Assistants serve at each of our services on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.  More volunteers are always needed.  If you would be interested in helping, please contact Joe Curia at 920-941-2205.

We would like to thank our current volunteers: Brad Bettin, Doran Fischer, John Goeglein, Dee Grosnick, Mark Grosnick, Janet Hathaway, Justin Kautzer, Andy MacDonald, Mason MacDonald, Michael Martin Jr., Ron Suhr and Pat Voegeli.