Stewardship Committee

The committee will:

  • Choose which stewardship material that is offered through our Synod, other agencies or ourselves will best fit our congregation.
  • Develop new ways of encouraging the congregation to give more of their time, talents and treasures to the Lord.
  • Encourage the use of a time and talent sheet and get everyone to fill it out.
  • Make sure that these sheets are being recorded and put to use.
  • Develop new ways for our congregation to help our members become better managers or stewards and put a longer focus on stewardship through the year.
After  implementing our online offerings program at the end of 2015, the Stewardship Committee stepped out of the way, so to speak, to allow us to implement the Strengthening Our House of Prayer Stewardship Emphasis with the help of Cornerstone Stewardship Ministry.  Almost 60 members assisted with this large project that touched nearly all of our congregation’s homes with meetings, mailings, and hand-delivered information.
In 2017, Mark Bussert from Cornerstone began consulting with our committee every quarter.   His two-part goal is to keep SOHOP offerings strong and also to give our stewardship work better long-term focus.  Mark has years of experience helping congregations grow in generosity through faithful stewardship committee efforts that proclaim the Gospel.  His assistance has been much appreciated and very valuable.   
The Board of Elders would like to thank all the members of this Committee:
Doran Fischer from the Board of Elders, Kurt Johnson, Andrew MacDonald, and Ruth Parker