Ladies Evening Fellowship

Secretary/Treasurer Patricia Kuerschner
Group Leader - Alternating with members

The Ladies Evening Fellowship is a wonderful way for ladies of St. John's to keep in touch with each other. Fellowship and bible study focused on a Christian woman's life. We meet on the Fourth Thursday of the month (except June and July) at a member's home at 7:00 p.m. At each meeting the hostess leads our group in devotion, conducts the meeting and serves dessert and refreshments.

The Ladies Evening Fellowship celebrated their 14th anniversary as an organization in May and enjoyed gathering for dinner at the Driftwood Restaurant in Watertown. On October 5th, we hosted a seminar for ladies from area congregations presented by the ladies from the "Holy Hen House". Approximately 50 ladies attended the seminar. As a group we purchased needed items  for the Alpha Pregnancy Center.

A request was posted from the church office to provide hymnal makers which we completed and are available at the main entrance and south side entrance to church.

We wish to thank the congregation for supporting our Lenten and Advent meals. A donation was made to the church general fund from the proceeds we received.

We always welcome new members to our organization to share in fellowship with ladies at St. John's. For further information call Patricia Kuerschner at 261-4042.