Gardening Committee

The Gardening Committee is comprised of members of St. John’s who come together annually to maintain the grounds around the church and the school.

Our year typically starts in April with the cleanup of the properties and mulching of the landscaped areas where we plant, if needed. Mulching is usually done every other year. We will formulate a plan to plant annuals to compliment the perennial flowers that are already in place.

In May we meet to do the planting of the annuals once the threat of frost is gone. It is also at this time that we draft a water / weeding schedule for the summer season. Each member will select a slate of weeks that they wish to come and water the annuals, pull weeds from the planting areas, and do basic cleanup of the properties. Members usually select three or four weeks to work in the months May through September. Although it sounds time consuming, watering and weeding typically can take about an hour a day, two or three times a week during a scheduled work week per member depending upon the weather.

In July or August, we trim up all of the shrubs around the church and school.

Late September into mid-October, we conduct a fall cleanup of the church and school. We haul away debris such as leaves and plants that we have cut off. We typically like to get this done after the first freeze but before the snow starts to fall.

We try to post notices of our scheduled events in the Sunday bulletin and if possible, the monthly Observer. Please watch both of these for upcoming events.

As always, new members are more than welcome to join our “growing” committee. This is a very fun group to work with. If you enjoy working outside and perhaps want to learn something along the way or show us a thing or two when it comes to gardening, then come and join us.

Members are: Lynn Baker, Charlie and Gail Rogers, Patti Gillingham, Richard and Darlene Kuerschner, Bob and Bea Krueger, John and Julie Bellack, John Leichty, Beth Boehringer and Al and Doreen Heine.