Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a group of St. John's members which has been asked to:

  • Recommend the yearly budget to the Coordinating Council by doing the following:
    • Collecting and analyzing budget requests from all boards to be included in yearly budget.
    • Recommending goals/budget items for Mission offerings, Lakeside Lutheran High School support, and ROC support.
    • Researching and obtaining all pertinent information about area work wages, WELS salary schedules, and suggestions from the boards that work with various staff.
    • Recommending yearly wages of all called workers with the help of information given out by the WELS and with advisement from the Personnel Committee.
    • Recommending yearly wages for all non-called staff to keep all such wages equitable overall.
  • Communicate regularly with all boards to make sure budgets are being maintained.
  • Collect and analyze giving reports from the Counting Committee and keep the Coordinating Council informed.
  • Make recommendations on borrowing needs.
  • Communicate with the Board of Elders - Stewardship Committee so that the two bodies can conduct and coordinate stewardship programs.
  • Report monthly to the Coordinating Council.
  • Oversee all congregational investments, loans, and insurance policies keeping a close watch on current rates and make recommendations to the Coordinating Council for actions to be taken.
  • Recommend policies dealing with the requisition process, fund distribution, and proper bookkeeping practices.
  • Oversee the periodic internal financial review of all congregational financial records, including all congregational organizations’ financial records, on an annual basis.
  • Oversee its standing committees (Financial Review Committee and Counting Committee) and others it may form.

The committee members are:

Randy Schultz, Wayne Kuerschner, Lois Kobleske, Robert Stueber, Roger Herbert, Dorothy Kasten