St. John’s team plays in the Lutheran Dartball League.  This year there are 11 teams in the league from Watertown and surrounding communities.  In past years there have been as many as 16 teams competing. Each year it becomes more difficult for some churches to keep enough players to support a team.

Games are played at the churches or schools. The games are played with 9 people on each team, and many of baseball’s rules are the same as in dartball.  A large 6 inch weighted dart is thrown underhand at the four foot square board from twenty feet away and all the spaces on the board are surrounded by a thin wire so there are no disputes about whether the batter is out or on base. Three nine inning games are played at each meeting of the teams.
In the past few years a handicap system has been used in the scoring so it gives all the teams a chance to win some games that may just be out of reach against the better teams in the league.

Play usually starts in mid-September and runs till the beginning of March.  The top teams go through playoff games and finally one ends up as the champion.  There has always been a league banquet at the end of the season where the trophies and plaques are handed out for the top teams and also for the top individual high averages and RBI’s.

The members of this year’s team are; Ron Suhr, Frank Wegner, Alan Raether, Doug Schuenemann, Glen Bock, Larry Collyard, Don Borchardt, Jeff Ertl and John Goeglein. Pastor Warnecke has been a sub this season and has helped us out almost every week when one of the regulars has been absent.  Our Treasurer is Ron Suhr and the captain is John Goeglein.

Dartball has been part of St. John’s for many decades and there is an antique board displayed on the wall in the school cafeteria that goes back to the 40’s.

It’s usually a fun evening of fellowship with teammates and old friends from the other churches and new members are always welcome.

If you want to learn more about it look for a home game in the bulletin announcements and come to the school cafeteria to watch the games, they are played on Monday evenings and start at 7:30 pm, or contact John Goeglein at 261-5166 for information.