Christian Company

Chairman John & Jeanne Goeglein
Treasurer Jeff & Sherri Ertl

This was "The Couples' Club".  Our new name is Christian Company (like having "company" come to visit), expanded to include all our adult members.

The purpose of St. John's Christian Company is to give members at St. John's an opportunity for Christian Fellowship.  Out meetings are usually held on the third weekend of th emonth, although that can change depending on the activity.  The September meeting is our planning meeting, when we set-up the calendar for the coming year.  We are always open to new ideas and suggestions!  The current year's calendar can be obtained in the church office or by contacting any one of the officers.  Information for each activity is published in the church bulletin and also in the monthly Observer.

Attending a Christian Company activity doesn't mean make a commitment to the group.  We have members who only attend one or two activities a year, and some who come to almost every activity.

If an activity sounds interesting to you, contact the hosts in charge for the month and give it a try.  You never know, you just might enjoy yourself!  Some of our activities include an Admirals hockey game and dinner, Sweethearts dinner, a dinner theatre night, game night, golf outing and cookout, dinner and movie, Packer party and brunch, our annual Christmas Party and caroling, and of course the Church Picnic food stand.

All adult members of the congregation are welcome to join us at any activity during the year.  This is a great way for new members as well as those who have been here a while to get to know other members in the church.  Join us as we continue to grow as a family in Christ and to serve each other in our congregation. Come and join us for some good Christian Company!