Board of Church Properties

Tim Budreau 920-319-1932
Jade Butcher 920-253-7793
Bryant Ebert 920-342-9149
Ben Schmitz 262-719-9502

The Board of Church Properties meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday of each month and additionally as needed. The Board rotates one member each month, along with the chairman, to attend the monthly Coordinating Council meeting.

If you would like to contribute your time or talents to any of the work being done around Church and school please contact any board member or any member of the committee you wish to help.

Please consider joining the gardening committee or a cleaning crew who are each in need of additional volunteers to assist in the important work that they each do for our congregation.

We would like to thank the individual volunteers and families who have in the past or will in the future give of their time and talents to serve the Lord in helping to improve and update our facilities.