Altar Guild

President Karen Diels
Vice President Cindy Wuestenberg
Secretary Beth Boehringer
Treasurer Lois Kobleske

The Altar Guild is a group which serves each week to care for the sanctuary of the church and to prepare it for each service.  Two or three members are designated each month to serve as a team.  Their names are listed in the bulletin each Sunday.  Some of their duties are changing paraments for the altar and Pastors’ robes, taking care of the communion ware, and preparing various linens and flowers for each Sunday and for weddings.  For weddings, the Altar Guild prepares the candelabras and wedding candles if requested.

Baptismal napkins are made by Darlene Kuerschner of the guild and are given to the child at baptism as a remembrance.

The garden of flowers for Easter and the poinsettia display at Christmas are arranged by the Altar Guild with flowers donated by the members of St. John’s.  To add additional beauty to the church during the Christmas season, the Guild places wreaths, garlands and candles under the stained glass windows and along the balcony.  The Christmas trees were donated by Joan Flynn in memory of her husband, Gerald. The Altar Guild helps decorate the trees with Christian symbols and ornaments.  

The Altar Guild seeks to serve the congregation and glorify God by beautifying His House; thus, enhancing the worship of God’s people.  The Guild welcomes memorials to give them the necessary income to provide for the needs of the church.  Since 1999, seven new sets of paraments were purchased for the church.  Through generous donations, new candelabras were purchased in 2013.

If you would like to place flowers in the chancel on any Sunday to the glory of God, in memory of a loved one, or in honor of a wedding or anniversary, please sign the flower chart on the bulletin board in the entrance to the church or call the Altar Guild team of the month.  You may pick up your flowers after the 10:30 worship service, or the Altar Guild team will deliver the flowers to a shut in or someone in a nursing home or the hospital.

The Altar Guild would like to express thanks to the husbands who help and support the work of their wives—they are “honorary members”. There are some junior members in the 7th &  8th  grade class. They assist with the stripping of the Altar on Maundy Thursday and other church preparations.

Any congregational members wishing to serve on this committee please contact one of the officers of the Altar Guild.  The meetings are held the second Thursday in January, April, July and October at 7:00 p.m.  More members are always welcome!