Boy Pioneers

We only have a few things left this year.

On WEDNESDAY, April 10th, we will be hosting the Lenten meal between services at St John’s We are doing Lasagna again, so there is not a ton of work. We would like some boys to remain after the 3:30 service, to assist in serving and cleanup. Boys who assist – this will count toward service requirement. This meal will be served in the SCHOOL cafeteria rather than the church. While we will be serving ice cream for dessert, it would be awesome if any of you could provide some cookies, bars, cakes, pies, etc. These items could be dropped off at the school any time before 4:15.

On April 16, we will be meeting at the school at about 6:20 (10 minutes early). We will be walking to the indoor Archery Range of the Watertown Archers, where the experts will instruct the boys on proper bow and arrow technique before allowing them to shoot on the range. We plan to be back at school by 8:00pm

Also – BRING WALKING STICKS on April 16th as well as any achievement accomplishments that the boys have done at home or on their own. I will need these then so I have time to burn the achievements into the walking sticks prior to our Awards night.

Awards night will be in the church basement on May 7th.

District Campout - Fri-Sun May 17-19, 2019 Watertown Conservation Club with Family Fun Day on Sat. Save the dates – Cost will likely be $18 for the weekend and $10 for Saturday guests. Saturday is the family fun day where we invite Moms sisters etc.

What is a Lutheran Pioneer? The dictionary tells us that a Pioneer is "someone who goes before, preparing the way." It is someone who leads. The word "pioneer" is French, meaning foot soldier. You have become a foot soldier for Christ.

Boy Pioneers

Boy Pioneers consist of groups of boys in grades 1 through grade 12. During the meetings the boys will engage in many activities. Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, September - May, from 6:30-8:00pm. A detailed schedule is attached below.

Leaders are always needed. Please contact the church office at 261-5959 if you are interested. Or call or email any leader listed below directly.

Loren Lange - 920-342-2612 -

Joe Jilek - 920-988-9921 -

Charlie Jilek - 920-988-6180 -

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