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Archive: St. John's 2011-12 School Year Starts

School Registration: August 21st 10am-1pm, August 22nd 4pm-8pm.

School Starts: August 30th, 8:00am.

Preschool Starts: September 6th.

Contact us for more information.

Archive: Sheep Looking Toward Home - Observer Message - August 2011

We have spent the first half of the summer weekends finishing our look at Psalm 23. What a blessing we have - to be a member of Jesus' flock, to have the promise that, as David says, "I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." Welcome home! We welcome home soldiers from the war in Afghanistan. We welcome home kids from a long day of learning at school. We welcome home a spouse from a hard day or night at work. When God welcomes us home in heaven, it will be even more special. He will welcome us home to our eternal, everlasting, never-ending home in heaven. That will be a special day for each of us indeed! To be forever with the Lord - it will be great!!!


Archive: 2011 Summer Bible Classes

St. John's will offer Sunday Bible Classes this year at 10:45am on the following Sundays:

  • June 19
    • Darin Warnecke
  • July 10 - Freedom in Christ - A Look at Galations
    • Rev. Nathan Scharf of LPS
  • July 24 - Jesus is the Lord of History I
    • Prof. Roger Kobleske of LPS
  • August 7 - Poetry, Parallelism & Peanuts
    • Prof. Peter Kiecker of LPS
  • August 21 - Jesus is the Lord of History II
    • Prof. Roger Kobleske of LPS

In addition to these classes, Darin Warnecke will teach an evening Bible Class on two of the Minor Prophets: Jonah and Joel. Darin will teach this class on Tuesday night at 7:30pm and then repeat each week's lesson on Thursday night at 7:30pm.

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