Hands of the Passion - February Pastor's Message

In Luke chapter 18, verses 9 through 14, we find the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. When thinking of the tax collector, have you ever thought about what his hands were doing? The Bible says in verse 13, “the tax collector stood at a distance and would not even lift his eyes up to heaven, but was beating his chest and saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, a sinner!’” Why was he beating his chest? This man’s heart had been struck severely with God’s law, so much so that he was going through intense grief, guilt, shame and agony due to his sin. Jesus said this sinner went home forgiven and justified by God and that comes only through Christ. 

As we lead up to Christ’s “humble hands”, “nail-pierced hands” and “life-giving hands”, we will look at other “Hands of the Passion” during Lent which begins with Ash Wednesday on February 17th. Be sure to worship, not only on the weekends, but also on Wednesdays during Lent so that our hearts also always remain in the right place, repentant and having faith in Christ.

As God’s children, we are Managers of all the blessings He has graciously given to us. One blessing is His word and Sacrament at worship. Another blessing is our time. We are coming closer when all of us, who are able, need to get back to in person worship. As Christ’s love compels us, we want to give our time to assembling together at worship, growing richly in faith in Jesus through God’s Word and also encouraging each other in our faith in Christ. Come on back to worship.

Pastor Tim Mueller