Stewardship Committee

The committee will:

  • Choose which stewardship material that is offered through our Synod, other agencies or ourselves will best fit our congregation.
  • Develop new ways of encouraging the congregation to give more of their time, talents and treasures to the Lord.
  • Encourage the use of a time and talent sheet and get everyone to fill it out.
  • Make sure that these sheets are being recorded and put to use.
  • Develop new ways for our congregation to help our members become better managers or stewards and put a longer focus on stewardship through the year.

People on this committee are committed to stewardship as an important part of our Christian lives.

The Stewardship Committee would like to thank all the members of our Committee.

In 2013 this committee's focus was on the congregation’s giving of their treasures to the Lord under the theme “True Riches”.

The committee currently consists of members:

Kurt Johnson, Andrew MacDonald, Mrs. Ruth Parker, and Dean Sellnow.