Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is a group of St. John's members which has been asked to:

  • Establish and maintain policy manuals for all employees of St. John’s.
  • Establish and maintain job descriptions for all employees of St. John’s.
  • Recommend the hiring of non-called employees of St. John’s to the Coordinating Council by:
    • Formulating and distributing job applications as needed for various non-called jobs when a need is identified by the appropriate boards or by the Coordinating Council.
    • Reviewing all job applications, interviewing applicants, and choosing the best person for the job to be recommended to the Coordinating Council for hiring.
  • Develop needs list for any called worker vacancies with the help of the Board of Elders (pastors) and Board for School and Family Ministry (teachers) when a call is to be issued.
  • Recommend policies regarding the suspension or termination of employees.
  • Annually visit and evaluate all employees to encourage them in their work, to encourage improvement where needed, to listen to concerns they may have, and to seek solutions when appropriate.
  • Provide an open door for communication to and from all employees.
  • Address concerns coming from congregation members or the public regarding St. John’s employees.
  • Establish a method of acknowledging special service milestones.
  • Communicate to the Finance Committee any special concerns regarding wages for all congregation employees.

The members currently serving on this committee are:

Randy Bode Becky Fischer John Goeglein Sharon Kumbier Pastor Doug Carter Principal Chris Mueller
Joe Curia (Ch) Doran Fischer Mark Grosnick Anna Schultz Pastor Rodney Warnecke   

The committee would like to thank Kristin Hirsch for her long service as our secretary. We would also like to thank our new members, Pastor Carter, Principal Mueller and Anna Schultz. If you would be interested in serving on this committee please contact one of the members above.