Executive Board

The Executive Board serves as long-range planners for St. John's. However, its first responsibility is to assure adherence to the Vision of St. John's, that is, the spiritual well-being and growth of the congregation as a whole and the individual members. It is the Executive Board's responsibility to see to it that any and all programs, activities, and committees are organized and run with the vision as their guide.

President Joe Curia 941-2205 1st Term (2013-2015)
Board Liaison Officer Jeff Ertl 261-2891 1st Term (2014-2016)
Treasurer Randy Schultz 261-6075 1 Year Volunteer Extension
Secretary John Goeglein 261-5166 1st Term (2013-2015)

 Other voting members: Pastor Carter, Pastor Warnecke, Principal Mueller.