Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council enables the St. John's boards to carry out the vision/mission of the congregation.  It has the following responsibilities:

  • Implementing decisions of the Voters' Assembly.
  • Overseeing doctrine and practice for the congregation.
  • Providing direction for the spiritual growth and total congregational ministry.
  • Seeing that the congregation's Vision Statement is carried out.
  • Setting priorities for ministry and for overall program operation.
  • Establishing congregational policies and keeping a record of them.
  • Establishing the congregational budget and allocating resources, people, and funds according to the ministry principles.
  • Serving as legal trustees of the congregation.

The 2015 voting members are:

  • Congregational President - Joe Curia
  • Board Liaison Officer - Jeff Ertl
  • Congregational Treasurer - Randy Schultz
  • Congregational Secretary - John Goeglein
  • Chairman of the Board of Elders - Dean Sellnow, and one other member
  • Chairman of the Board for School and Family Ministry - Terry Schultz, and one other member
  • Chairman of the Board of Church Properties - Glenn Lassanske, and one other member

Ex-officio (non-voting members) are:

  • Pastor Douglas Carter
  • Pastor Rodney Warnecke
  • Principal Chris Mueller