Board of Church Properties

    Committee(s) Terms
Chairman - Glenn Lassanske (262) 617-6254 Rental Property 2nd (2013-2016)
Secretary - Kevin Kohlhoff 285-0746 Gardening 2nd (2014-2017)
Kelvin Buske (414) 208-9986 Technology 1st (2012-2015)
Jade Butcher 262-0815 School Building Maintenance 1st (2012-2015)
Kieth Kuerschner 988-6004 Church Building Maintenance 1st (2014-2017)
Greg Schultz 285-8472 Church Cleaning 1st (2013-2016)

The Board of Church Properties meets monthly on the last Tuesday of each month and additionally as needed. The Board rotates one member each month, along with the chairman, to attend the monthly Coordinating Council meeting.

In 2014 major projects included the installation of air conditioning in the church nave, replacement of the church office air conditioning, fencing around the new air conditioning condensing units and dumpsters, landscaping and new grass around both rental properties, sealing and striping of the church parking lot, new carpet in the church office, new phone system for the church and school, and installation of a sump crock and drain tile in the church boiler room as the first step in solving the water and humidity issues in the church.

The board also organized and assisted in the moves to Watertown of Ms. Finseth from West Allis, Principal Mueller and family from Eagle River, and Pastor Carter and family from Cudahy after they accepted calls to serve our congregation.

In 2015 the board of Church properties will continue to assess the short and long term needs of our Church, school, and rental properties to keep them clean, safe, and operating efficiently.

In the near future the Church roof, roof flashings, and gutters will need to be replaced and a fund raising campaign has been started to raise the funds for these repairs. The Church roof is over 35 years past its life expectancy and repair costs are increasing.

If you would like to contribute your time or talents to any of the work being done around Church and school please contact any board member or any member of the committee you wish to help.

Please consider joining the gardening committee or a cleaning crew who are each in need of additional volunteers to assist in the important work that they each do for our congregation.

We would like to thank the individual volunteers and families who have in the past or will in the future give of their time and talents to serve the Lord in helping to improve and update our facilities.