Board for School and Family Ministry

Chairman Terry Schultz 262-9193
Secretary Andy MacDonald 414-840-7775
Pioneers Tim Schultz 261-6514
Youth League Mike Budewitz 261-3744
Elementary School John Damman 988-4985
Early Childhood Brian Schmidt 342-0009
Principal Chris Mueller 715-891-6639
Pastor Pastor Warnecke 262-0789

The Board for School and Family Ministry is responsible for developing programs and support systems to help families carry out their critical roles in nurturing and sustaining Christ-centered families.

The Children's Ministry includes:

  • Day Care - Nina Koester, Director
  • Sunday School - Pastor Warnecke, Superintendent
  • Lutheran Boy Pioneers & Buckaroo Pioneers - Loren Lange, Leader
  • Lutheran Girl Pioneers & Sunbeams - Sherry Binger, Leader
  • Vacation Bible School - Pastor Warnecke
  • Cradle Roll - Patricia Kuerschner, Coordinator

The Lutheran Elementary School/Preschool Ministry includes 3K through 8th Grade full-time Christian education and overlooks the Pre-3 thorugh 8th Grade faculty, school secretary, coaching staff, Eagle Boosters, and all school fundraising committees/work groups.

The Youth Ministry includes Youth League, Teen Bible Class, Time Release program, Recreation and Outreach Center (The ROC), LPS, and LLHS.

The Adult Ministry includes the Bible Class Committee (which establishes the scope of congregational Bible class offerings, teacher training, and Bible class publicity), the Young Adult Committee (which ministers to ages 18-25 and communicates with college students and military personnel), the Church Media Librarian (who develops and maintains a church library of books, videos, audio recordings, and software to provide Christian resources for all members), Senior Ministry (which develops and oversees ministries by and for seniors of the congregation and community), along with Single Parents, Christian Company, Ladies Evening Fellowship, and Dartball.

All of the above committees need your involvement. Some of these committees are not functioning at this time because of lack of volunteers. Contact any board member if you can help!

The Board for School and Family Ministry has had some changes to the faculty this year. Mr. Chris Mueller joins our faculty as our new Principal, teacher, and athletic director. Mr. Mueller brings with him experience and fresh ideas from his former school in Eagle River, Wisconsin. The Board for School and Family Ministry is grateful to Mr. Mueller for working with the Board beginning in May, before his call actually began, to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Also joining our faculty is Miss Jillian Finseth. Miss Finseth taught in the public school system and recently received her Synod teaching certification. Miss Finseth is currently teaching grades 1 & 2 after the retirement of Mrs. Ruth Parker. The Board for School and Family Ministry also made some changes to the upper grades this year. First, the Board brought back departmentalization under the direction of Mr. Mueller, Mr. Birsching, and Mrs. Hathaway. Mr. Birsching and Mrs. Hathaway also switched grades with Mr. Birsching teaching grades 5 & 6 and Mrs. Hathaway teaching grades 7 & 8 when they are not departmentalizing. These changes were made to make the best use of their God-given talents and use their strengths in certain subject areas. Besides teaching multiple grades, our faculty continues to be involved in a variety of other activities and programs associated with the school. Without the combined efforts of our faculty and volunteers, many of our extra-curricular activities and programs would not be possible. The Board for School and Family Ministry continues to look at new ways to update our curriculum.

Our Childcare program is under the direction of Mrs. Nina Koester. This past year, Mrs. Koester brought back the infant/toddlers to the childcare. St. John’s Childcare is not licensed, but has adopted most of practices which are used in state certified daycares. Mrs. Koester and her staff continue to implement new teaching strategies that are age appropriate and involve the children in Christ-centered activities.

The Childcare and Lunch Programs, which are supported solely by user fees, remain strong and are supported by highly committed and quality personnel.