Board for School and Family Ministry

Chairman Brian Schmidt 342-0009
Youth League Brian Kaphingst 819-1993
Youth League
Washington D.C. Trip
Kelly Schauer 414-801-4120
Childcare Terry Schultz 262-9193
Washington D.C. Trip
Jeff West 988-2856
Principal Chris Mueller 715-891-6639
Pastor Pastor Warnecke 262-0789

The Board for School and Family Ministry schedules their meeting for the last Tuesday of every month. The men on this board are dedicated in their work and spend considerable time while taking up matters under their direction. Most of their attention is centered on the workings of the school, the lunch program and the Childcare.

We say “thank you” to parting board members Tim Schultz and Mike Budewitz. Special thanks are expressed to Tim for his 16 years of service to the Lord and our congregation on this board. We welcome Terry Schultz back onto the board and also our newest member, Kelly Schauer. If you have any thoughts, concerns, or questions, please feel free to contact one of the board members. Male members of the congregation, especially those who have children that are attending our school, are strongly urged to come forward and serve on this board.